Important values ​​and methods

Values ​​such as integrity, listening, humour, respect and to connect to individual and team processes are important for me in building a constructive relationship. By bringing lightness and clarity in my coaching sessions I inspire to think 'out of the box' and through reflecting and by focussing on opportunities I encourage to take action. In my approach I make use of the Socratic way of coaching, Non-violent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg), Systemic work (Bert Hellinger), Intercultural Readiness Check@ (IBI).

Individual coaching sessions

When you like to gain more insight in your own behaviour, want to grow personally and/or need support to take important decisions, I will be able to stimulate you to examine your underlying motivations, ideas and beliefs that determine your current behaviour and explore how you are able to change these. You can choose from face to face sessions, Skype or e-mail.

Coaching of teams

Herewith my focus will be on raising awareness of behaviour and thought patterns within the team, which impede a constructive progress. Often these are unconscious patterns and by developing this awareness changes are feasible. For me mutual understanding and involvement are key elements. It will have a positive contribution to the objectives of the team and of the organization. In my approach I make use of methods like Deep Democracy (Myrna Lewis).

Next to individual customers I work e.g. with the following clients:

Doctors without Borders (eCoachU - Amsterdam), Master International Public Health (Academy Leiden), Refugee Council (Amsterdam), Foundation LaLuz (Amsterdam), RedR (London)


She is integer, genuinely committed and energetic. She is a connector, a professional woman with a full toolbox of knowledge and wisdom, a guide. Jackie looks and listens. She put people in their personal power by asking Socratic questions. It is a privilege to work with her and to experience the impact of her work (Drs. Nelke Manders, Interim Management)

Be the change you

want to see in the world

(Mahatma Gandhi)